"Jasiri brings the gift of presence and a highly developed practice. In her sessions, the world is a safer place, and you’re more free to fully express and explore yourself. The answers are in you. That’s not a surprise. But accessing them is the key. Jasiri creates the space and uses a structured approach that lets you see yourself with full acceptance. Change happens. One session with her feels like years of standard psychotherapy plus fun and true insight. Because she deals with the whole being and our essence and interconnectedness, which are the missing pieces of so many therapeutic relationships, you actually spend way less time in your head and just get to the point. You should work with her. Jasiri is a brilliant guide to you."

Bob Soulliere


I am Jasiri Nkalati -a certified holistic health coach and yoga instructor. More qualified than my certifications are my direct life experiences that’ve been the heart and backbone of my work with myself and others. It is my total passion and privilege to support the process of awakening to Self in this world. This means knowing who you are by learning who you’re not. My intention is to meet you precisely where you are and how you are, to support you in alchemizing your wounds, restoring stillness in how you experience life and embodying your primordial expression so that your experience of life is freeing and anchored in Self knowing. 


Who are my Clients?

I'm comfortable telling on myself, because I'm not the self I'm telling on.

Jasiri N.

Welcome to Life Force Portal

The virtual home of Self connection and restoration practices with guide and facilitator Jasiri Nkalati.

Life Force Portal Offerings

Certified and trained yoga instruction includes hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, pranayama (breathing cultivation), and meditation.


Integrated Self Inquiry

Right now, can you recall a time when you've felt absolute quiet and restfulness inside your mind and body? Would you like to experience that again and know how to do that more readily? You don't create your thoughts, rather, you have thoughts. Stressful thoughts that aren't stabilized and questioned can lead to suffering. Integrated Self Inquiry, rooted in self realization, takes your thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, and feelings and brings it up to four pivotal questions and the process of immediacy, to deliver your experience of life from one of suffering to one of liberation. ISI invites you to get still, still enough to feel and hear the truth, and optimizes the possibility of experiencing relief and clarity NOW rather than later.

Writing For Healing

Writing can be another way to cry, yell, unclutter, vent, see or clarify what you're thinking and feeling. It offers us a way to organize the potentially chaotic landscape of our inner environment to potentially arrive at insights. Writing for Healing supports you in exploring and experiencing what's present in your mind and body so you can consciously visit with it. It also offers an opportunity to write from the perspective and/or voice of both fear and liberation or love. Although it's mostly a writing session, it does include accessible movement for all, along with consciously attuning to the way we're breathing.


During our practice together, we will explore foundation postures and movements that strengthen and support core, pelvic and spinal integrity. Get a dose of anatomy with each practice to learn how it all connects! Develop the body awareness necessary for all other daily general movements like standing, walking, extending, and perhaps squatting. Each practice incorporates centering and concludes with consciously cultivating stillness. I facilitate hatha, flow and restorative practices, ultimately all of them primarily focusing towards the relationship you cultivate with yourself.


During our practice together, my primary objective will be to curate and facilitate the energy of rest and stillness. The meditative process is designed to reconnect you to your center and gradually towards the whole of life so that you feel supported in your being and doing whether you're physically alone or not. Each session invites you to work intimately with your breathing and voice.

Voice Therapeutics

The objective of Voice Therapeutics practice seeks to explore the question: what is my true sound (expressive sounds), voice (the quality and presence of my voice) , and language (using words that are true expressions of my awakened mind), after becoming aware of my conditioned (impressions from external environment including people, places and things) sound, voice and language? How do I be myself in every place I'm at and with anyone I'm with? Voice Therapeutics is the practice that brings you directly face to face with your fear/fears and invites you to release them to experience the truest version of yourself Now.


Breathing Cultivation
During our practice together, we learn about, practice, explore and feel into the pathways of breathing. Students learn the fundamental mechanisms of breathing and its correlating anatomical structures. Breathing cultivation or breath regulation practice addresses the how-to-breathe relative to specific breathing objectives such as breathing for relaxation, breathing for igniting heat in the body, breathing to create mental alertness, or breathing to detox the body.

Somatic Experiencing

The objective of Somatic Experiencing (*SE) in the way I facilitate it seeks to explore the question: what is my body holding and how would the body like to express what it's holding through movement, sound, touch and breathing? This process considers that there are instances where simply speaking about our more challenging or traumatic experiences may be initially challenging or readily available, thus it offers another pathway towards expressing through movement as a proxy for what words may offer. SE offers tremendous support for retrieving insights, clarity, grief, stressful patterns, relief, and gradually and ultimately, mind and body liberation. Somatics is of or pertaining to the body, and this particular somatic practice is the intersection between intentional listening, consciously breathing and intuitively moving according to the body's own inner compass. This practice serves to establish or reunite you with your essential nature. It's a true invitation to reach within the tender, unvisited and potentially abandoned or fragmented aspects of yourself and consciously restore what is inherently you.

SE Incorporates:
  • Consciously listening
  • Consciously feeling into (yourself)
  • Vocalizing
  • Intentionally observing
  • Intentional movement
  • Embodiment
  • Authentically expressing
  • Purging
  • Experiencing yourself in the raw
  • Integration (of any fragmented aspects of self)
  • Stillness cultivation within mind & body
  • Shape-shifting
  • Becoming


Ebony Lambert Yoga Instructor & Entrepreneur

“My first session with Jasiri was focused on my childhood. Within thirty minutes, I not only became aware of my human self, but I had a moment of realizing who I truly am. It was an out-of-body experience that allowed me to see my soul and understand the power of my tongue, my thoughts, and my actions. I was able to change old beliefs and create new ones. Jasiri is a being of nature, and speaking with her is like gaining knowledge from Mother Earth.”

Zoha Harpe Healer/Artist

“There are some spirits on this plane that are meant to activate you, and this is just one of Jasiri's purposes in my life. Whenever I am blessed with the opportunity to practice with her, there is an immediate lightness in my body. Her skillful approach to yoga, the body, and pranayama are wonderfully adept and precise. Taking any form of yoga with Jasiri is always a full body, mind, and soul pleasure.”

Alex Slater Founding Partner - Clyde Group

“Jasiri sends ripples of hope into the world. Though I only worked with her briefly, she sent me on a journey to greater emotional and physical health. I secretly suspect she’s an angel.”

Rebecca Watson Yoga Instructor

“Jasiri is a relentless explorer of the embodied self. She's an excellent writer of forgotten truths. She is beautiful in both movement and thought.”

Marjani Love Singer/Songwriter

“Jasiri is deeply rooted in the truth of her own being, that to be in her presence, I feel safe to be human. Her eyes compassionately witness the truth of my being beyond my own judgments and shame. In Jasiri's presence, shadow parts of me have come out of hiding into safety and the remembrance of unconditional love.”

Chloe Ball K-2 Reading Specialist with DCPS

“I am so grateful to have met Jasiri professionally three years ago. She brings a level of spiritual depth, clarity, and insight into her yoga and meditative practice. The serenity with which she brings into any space is beyond words. I have benefited profoundly from her professional and personal wisdom —a great deal of which has also served as a spiritual and moral compass.”

Hawah Kasat ED One Common Unity Nonprofit

“Jasiri is a gifted healer and intuitive movement practitioner. Her work both in the classroom while teaching yoga and through massage therapy are reflections of her commitment to personal practice and growth. I have and will continue to recommend her to others I meet on the journey!”

    Maryl Baldrige Owner of Georgetown Yoga

    “Jasiri supports her clients and students on multiple dimensions of healing. She has experience in the material realm of food and nutrition, movement, and physical practice and can work with clients directly through the tangible needs of the body. She holds space for emotional processing and listens to her client's unheard stories with a depth few people can access. She responds to sexual trauma by reflecting the innate capacity of each person to define his or her authentic erotic life individually and from within and integrate the creative abundance of this energy into all dimensions of life. She offers the contained space needed for clients to build strength in boundaries and move toward greater personal power, and she allows the silence necessary for those in her presence to hear the voice of their own hearts. She works with language and supports clients in both hearing and speaking their truth and in finding their authentic voice. She works intuitively and energetically, often accessing energy or emotion that has been previously unavailable to her clients' conscious awareness. She can support an expanded spiritual life and help dedicated seekers access their most abundant and compassionate consciousness. Jasiri holds each person she works with with deep reverence. She is a trustworthy guide and healer. In my experience as a counselor, massage therapist, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur, Jasiri stands out as one of the most talented healers and resilient beings I have met. I know anyone who works with her will be impacted in a beautiful and lasting way."

    Alleah Erica Clarke Managing Consultant, Culturnique

    “Jasiri Nkalati is the light everyone needs. Her ability to facilitate nurtured safe spaces to delve into self is one of great admiration. She is the spiritual sherpa to guide you on your journey into yourself without judgement or imposition. Her insight and reflective spaces foster connection deeper than the daily surface encounters that we experience. Delvstress is what I would call her. She makes it comfortable to delve and invites you to enjoy the pasture to connect with your innermost light. Jasiri is my spiritual coach who was an integral part of my awakening. I celebrate my connection to her as every part of our journey led me to her and my deepest desire to wake and walk my journey as I deeply intend to. Reflecting back on her and I's connection, she has supported and held space for my introspection. In a world where we are saturated in extrospective experiences, it is truly a gift to have someone who can give, hold, and support the opposite and to return to connect to our inner power sources. Jasiri is highly recommended for those who know they can have better-lived experiences and need support and guidance to connect to their inner power to illuminate their and our world. Thank you Jasiri for your Guidance and Coaching."

    Simon Hegarty Yoga Instructor

    "Being a yoga teacher myself and having studied under many different teachers, it is an honor and a privilege to have practiced alongside and been taught by Jasiri. Her knowledge of the physical body and its movement is unquestionable and is only the beginning of the depth of knowledge of the more subtle aspects of yoga practice. Her energy is hypnotic, and her individual way of weaving it into every aspect of yoga, from the physical poses to meditation, is an absolute delight to experience. My life is better for having Jasiri in it and for the knowledge she has shared with me."

      The heartbeat of Life Force Portal is the practice of belonging to oneself firstly. We empower you to  embrace your triggers, weed out hindering beliefs, restore stillness within your mind and body, and embody your inherent expression. Live your life as the most empowered version of yourself.

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