When you choose to transform yourself, your first commitment is then towards yourself. No matter what else is, you’re entirely responsible for tuning the instrument that you are. You consciously choose that you are your first priority. This will require you to bring your complete attention more directly within yourself. After some time of doing so, you’ll see that this is also how you command your energy back. Attention is a type of currency. Where you allow it to travel and how you allocate it will result in either an enhanced quality of living or one that is exhaustive in nature. Eventually, suppose you outsource your personal transformation through certain guide books, audio materials, other people, or even your concept of a god or gods. In that case, it’s helpful to initiate the process of self-transformation without those things to learn about, see and feel into, sift through and acknowledge what all is right there before you – your resistances, the perceptions you carry, your conditioned thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, in order to simply do this one thing well – be intentional with your engagements. Below is a list of what may occur when you prioritize spending purposeful time with learning yourself in order to get beyond hampered self-concepts that ultimately suffocate your roots and overall presence in the world.

  • You understand and know that you are your first direct line to Source.
  • You’re clear that you are a piece of life; you are a part of a larger loom of existence.
  • You know you aren’t separate from nature. Rather, you are nature, just as trees, bodies of water, and the whole of the wild, including stars and other planets, are.
  • You’re clear; you create your life experiences.
  • You don’t outsource your responsibilities, and subsequently, your power.
  • You see, hear, feel what is meant for you to see, hear and feel and you TRUST it.
  • Your feeling receptors become enhanced.
  • You know when to be quiet.
  • You know when to be still.
  • You know when to and how to respond toward triggers or inquiries directed towards you.
  • You know whether or not a response is needed towards a trigger or inquiry.
  • You know the benefits of distancing your point of focus or level of involvement from the experience itself.
  • You know how to change patterns that require transmuting.
  • You know what you need to charge your body battery. And when you aren’t clear, you know to return to stillness, and you do so.
  • You know how to soften and when to soften when met with resistance.
  • You know how to sustain integrity and when to do so when met with resistance.
  • You know when your immunity is compromised without needing someone else to verify it for you.
  • You understand that sometimes not feeling your best could also mean there’s an active integration happening within you. Feeling unwell isn’t necessarily a result of an illness; instead, it results from a laboring and birthing-in process.
  • You can see, hear and feel people, places, and things distally more readily without you or them engaging directly.
  • Your boundaries become more developed and refined.
  • You’re clear you’re not your thoughts, your emotions, your body, your actions, your personalities, your career, your nationality, your roles or titles.
  • Daily, you’re willing to be with the practice and presence of authenticity.
  • You honor and consistently return to uninterrupted time with stillness.
  • You are capable of discerning between your authentic voice and an implant.
  • You’re ever so clear your attention, and how you use it is high-level currency.
  • You can glean the programming within this matrix we call the world.
  • You understand and know beyond even logic, your life experiences are projections of your perceptions.
  • You know life occurs from inward to outward.
  • You know, agree to, and accept you are not a victim in your life.
  • You know you are the initiator of all your initiations.
  • You agree to and do take responsibility for how you experience your life.
  • You’re not intimidated by threats.
  • You’re clear no one governs you.
  • You’re clear you are entirely sovereign.
  • You’re clear no human can give you rights, and thusly, there isn’t any need to fight for what’s already yours, what’s already within you.
  • You’re clear self-cultivation practice is an essential priority.
  • Politeness takes a back seat to authenticity.
  • More and more, you ask yourself -what within me needs my attention right now?
  • You are ENTIRELY aligned with minding your own self.
  • You’re clear other people are simply reflections or aspects of you.
  • You’re clear you cannot see yourself (in your entirety) and all at once, not physically or otherwise, so others support you in seeing various aspects of yourself.
  • You’re clear you attract who and how you’re being.
  • You’re clear this one life you’re currently living isn’t your first rodeo.
  • You’re clear nothing in natural life operates linearly. Only human-made concepts and subsequent practices reflect so.
  • You know, just as there are human-made laws, the universe in which we reside also has laws.
  • You know remembering simply means bringing forth that which always is.
  • You’re clear the body communicates.
  • You consistently remember to return to intentional, efficient breathing throughout your day and evening.
  • You’re clear the whole of creation is inherently interconnected.
  • Because you’re aware of the interconnectedness of the whole of existence, you prioritize how you show up to life. You and other people are life too.
  • You’re clear that because there’s inherent interconnection amongst the whole of life, existentially speaking, there’s no such thing as my life and your life and their life and our life.
  • Rarely or ever do you use the words -must, should, have to as you refer to the happenings of yourself or others.
  • You’re clear no other human will know you better than you know yourself.
  • You do not mentally, emotionally, nor physically enshrine the words, signatures, or actions of man-made institutions, including government, church officials, or medical practitioners.
  • You’re clear everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell with your physical sense organs are energy perceived as matter.
  • You’re clear there isn’t anything wrong with you, even when you may feel so.
  • You’re clear the whole of life occurs through relationships.
  • You’re clear there’s nothing new under the sun.
  • You don’t claim to be an expert of anything, nor do you care to strive towards it. The title expert isn’t more superior than directly experiencing.
  • You’re clear there’s nothing further needed towards improving upon the grand design.
  • You’re clear the original grand design of life is always ever-present, in all experiences.
  • You’re clear you’re given opportunities to “fuck up” through refining any practice you engage. It’s called learning.
  • You’re clear schooling happens everywhere you are.
  • You’re clear that the point of life isn’t all about knowing, knowing better than, or knowing for the sake of indoctrinating anyone.
  • You do what you can to (be with) what is.
  • You see how living is an active practice; everything you’ve ever learned was something you’ve practiced to gain familiarity.
  • You know and understand that the way isn’t birthed through humans; rather, it is existence itself that is the way.
  • You’re clear when you move further into enmeshment with frustration, resistance, or fear; you are under the influence of implants -implanted thoughts rooted in either an established past or a created future.
  • You understand nutrition isn’t limited to just what you eat.
  • You understand the importance of quality relationship nutrition -with what you listen to, touch, see, read, breathe in, etc.
  • You encourage and enhance your intuitive capacity.
  • You return to gratitude regularly.
  • You’re not searching for a particular reason to be grateful.
  • You know FULLY you’re always witnessed and supported, even when exteriorly it may seem otherwise.
  • You know you don’t need saving or rescuing.

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