Welcome Delights!

We’re thrilled to engage with you! The Virtual Abundance Lounge was sparked by my personal experiences within my own journey. The affirmations shared during this process are words written by author John Price. After reading just the first affirmation, I could feel a palpable shift occurring within me. Based on that shift, I began receiving money from different sources unexpectedly. Naturally I was excited about my experiences and wanted for others to experience it as well. The process I’ve created is not solely about getting money, rather it’s about becoming the money. This is about rewiring from within to align with your inherent self and guiding system. For the next 40 consecutive days, you will listen to and read aloud the affirmations and complete brief assignments corresponding with the day. There are only 10 affirmations in total, and so you’ll just repeat the affirmations until you reach and complete day 40. I ask that you remain within  integrity, that of the group members and our co-creating by not sharing any of the following materials, including texts, audios or videos with anyone at any point without my expressed approval. Welcome to the Lounge.











The heartbeat of Life Force Portal is the practice of belonging to oneself firstly. We empower you to  embrace your triggers, weed out hindering beliefs, restore stillness within your mind and body, and embody your inherent expression. Live your life as the most empowered version of yourself.

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